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Posted on 9th of March 2020 by Veronika Edali

On the 28th of November 2019 we launched our modest activewear & lifestyle brand Fit Generation Apparel, the brand that has been in the making for almost 2 years.

We went through ups and downs, mistakes and tough lessons, wins and losses, we’ve learnt, grown and, most importantly, come out stronger on the other side.

The entire brand was born out my personal struggles as a revert to Islam. Since I chose to fully embrace my Muslim identity, dress modestly and wear the hijab I continuously struggled with finding functional, comfortable, modest and stylish swimwear and activewear.

No burkini, swim cap or a sports hijab on the market would suit my active lifestyle or serve my love of water sports.

That’s why Volkan, my husband and business partner, and I took the matter into our own hands and set out to design modest swimwear and activewear that would tick all of my boxes and finally help me enjoy water activities and sports with confidence without compromising on my values.

We had the vision, the ideas and the drive. Who cares that neither of us were qualified fashion designers or even knew how to draw.

We were determined to figure it all out on the go!

Did you know that we honestly thought we would launch our new business within 6 months?

Little did we know how long it actually takes to learn the designing and production processes, develop products and bring them into reality.

When we didn’t hit our ambitious launch deadline, we didn’t get disappointed. We just powered through the best we could.

Soon enough we were only days away from our actual business launch!

Since the very beginning of our business journey with Fit Generation Apparel we knew we wanted to document our experiences and be as honest and transparent as we possibly can.

Welcome to our very first vlog that we called Journey to Launch! We documented the days leading up to the launch of our brand so we could share our joy with you and bring you along for this wild ride.

You can expect to see it all: from our storage room set up, product and content photo shoots to the craziness behind the scenes the night before the launch and, of course, the excitement of THE LAUNCH!

Spoiler Alert: I even had a bit of a happy cry!

Tune in, buckle in and enjoy the ride, it sure felt like a roller coaster for us!

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