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Posted on 12th of March 2020 by Veronika Edali

Are you a working mum, who only has about 30 minutes to spare for ME TIME?

Are you a working mum, who dreads leg days at the gym?

Are you working mum, who is bored of her regular same-old squat routine?

This post is for you!

Showing up for workouts is not easy, especially if you are a working mum with very little time to spare. Sleepless nights, school runs, endless chores, work deadlines, play time, cooking, cleaning, folding laundry that never ends - simply saying that your days are full on is an understatement.

If your ME TIME often turns out to be your GYM TIME, we have the most FUN and FUNCTIONAL SQUAT WORKOUT that will not only give you that good muscle burn in a very short gym session, but you will actually ENJOY doing it.

We teamed up with our bodybuilder athlete Daniella Del Carpio and asked her to share her Top 3 FUN Squat Variations to make up a speedy yet effective gym workout.

Exercise #1: Sissy Squat Using Leg Extension

Muscle Target: Quads

Exercise #2:  Sumo Squat Using a Kettlebell or a Dumbbell⁣

Muscle Target: Adductors and Guteus Maximus

Exercise #3:  T-Bar Sumo Squats⁣

Muscle Target: Adductors and Guteus Maximus

Daniella’s Pro Tips:

  1. Don't lock your knees to retain the muscle tension⁣
  2. Don't lift too heavy, pick a weight that's challenging enough without compromising your form⁣
  3. Work on your form first by lifting a light weight and progressively increase the weight each week.⁣

Workout Structure:

  1. Cardio warm up of your choice (10 minutes)
  2. Do each squat variation for 1 minute with a 15 second rest interval in between for 3 rounds. (Approximately 12 minutes)
  3. Cool Down and Stretch (10 minutes)

Total time: Approximately 32 minutes.

This quick workout is not only efficient time-wise, but also very effective as you are targeting the same muscle groups over and over again making those glutes and quads work very hard.

Next time you only have 30 minutes for your training session at the gym, give this lower body workout a try!

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