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Posted on 9th of March 2020 by Veronika Edali

It’s been three months since we launched Fit Generation Apparel, our modest activewear and lifestyle brand. Time flies, doesn’t it?

You might think that things would get easier after the launch. We've already had two years of hard work up our sleeves. Is it time for the harvest yet? Not so fast!

If you’ve ever started your own business then you know that starting is nowhere near as hard as getting the business off the ground.

The hype of the launch and the support of our small, tight-knight online community helped us grow our online presence inviting new people to our corner.

As soon as the hype died down, we quickly realised that we were facing brand new challenges and we had to act quickly to re-engage our audience and maintain the interest in our brand.

The first month after the launch was a month of recovery. We worked so hard to get to the launch of our brand, we decided to give ourselves some room to breathe!

We were learning the systems, fine tuning the processes, packaging and shipping out orders from our pioneer customers.

We will always be grateful for the people who had trust in us and chose to support our brand from the very beginning. They made our vision a reality and we will never take it for granted!

As soon as 2020 came to our doorstep, we were ready to set some big goals for the year ahead.

We focused on our big picture vision, put together an action plan and got to work. That’s exactly when we were ready to vlog again!

Here is a quick rundown of what has been happening for our growing modest activewear and swimwear brand over the past couple of months.

New Development

Yes, we are designing again! Knowing how long it actually takes to bring brand new products to the market, we decided we couldn’t afford to waste any time.

We currently have 5 brand new designs in the pipeline. We have been sampling, adjusting, refining, testing and perfecting the garments that we know you will love!

As always we drew inspiration from our own experiences with working out and fitness, but we also started talking to Muslim athletes who wear hijab to get familiar with their personal struggles with activewear as we are here to bring to you the workout gear that you will fall in love with.

Creating AWESOME Content

Over the past three months we’ve been brainstorming, planning, writing, shooting and editing content that will not only showcase our products, but also provide value to our community.

We are determined to be more than a modest clothing brand. We are here to create a positive impact in people’s lives, especially hijab-wearing women like myself, who often struggle with finding modest and functional workout gear that they feel confident in.

We are here to support, encourage and empower people to choose to live a healthier and more active lifestyle not only through our fit-for-purpose activewear, but also through our content: blog posts, vlogs, stories, workout videos and more.

Building a team

We have been sending out feelers and slowly, but surely building a community of creatives and athletes around us.

Our Fit Generation Apparel Family is growing by the day. We are very open about our big vision to make Fit Generation Apparel a globally recognised brand and help millions of people in the process.

It’s humbling to see that people are getting on board with our vision and joining this roller-coaster of a journey!

Do you want to SEE what's been happening for us over the past couple of months?

We captured it all! Tune in to see the hustle behind the scenes for yourself.

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