Pro Tips on Training during Ramadan

Content Contributor - Fit Sisters Melbourne (@fitsistersmelbourne)

Written by Veronika Edali

During the holy month of Ramadan during the hours of sunrise to sunset we do not eat or drink and the questions always arises, how do you train during this month?

Some chose not to train at all but for Lulu from Fit Sisters Melbourne and many other athletic sisters when training is part of their life, going from 1-2 sessions a day to nothing for a month is just not even a consideration.

Being smart about your training, timing, nutrition and hydration is everything.

In this blog post Lulu, a CrossFit Coach, Athlete, Personal Trainer, Fighter and a Ninja Warrior S.1, will share her top tips when it comes to training safely and effectively during the month of Ramadan.


There is no right or wrong answer when it is the best time of day to train during Ramadan. Some prefer to train before Suhur, some choose to get their workout in after Iftar and there plenty of sisters, who enjoy doing fasted workouts an hour before they break their fast. It all comes down to your preferences.

Lulu chooses to train in the mornings after she’s slept, eaten and hydrated in order to show up for her workout full of focus and energy. She tried working out after Iftar, but it simply didn’t work for her.

She recommends sticking to what works best for you personally as you know your body better than anyone.


Are you a coffee drinker?

Do you rely on extra energy boosters to get you going?

Yes! This tip is definitely for you.

Lulu never skips her morning pre-workout coffee. She will wake up earlier than she needs to just to get her double and sometimes triple shot cup of coffee in. The quality of training is very important if you are a CrossFit athlete or if you are simply very committed to your fitness.

You need to recognise what give you extra energy, whether it’s coffee or an extra peanut butter toast, and make it your priority even if you need to wake up earlier or stay up later - get it in!


There is no shame in altering the intensity of your workouts during the month of Ramadan. The holy months is probably not the best time to focus on your BIGGEST fitness goals. You should focus on maintaining your fitness level instead.

Lulu chooses to take her intensity on cardio down a notch while still lifting similar weights. You might want to drop the amount of weight you’re lifting, switch your runs to power walks and do yoga and pilates more often. Once again, it all comes down to personal preference, but remember it’s absolutely fine not to pressure yourself into high-intensity training, you can always get back on track right after Ramdan is over!


Rule #1: Don’t skip Suhur!

Rule #2: Fuel your body with good quality, whole, nutritious food.

A note from Lulu: “Make sure your Suhur meal is filling and has protein, carbs and fats. My go to is oats, berries, peanut butter and protein”.

We have an entire blog post dedicated to healthy Suhur! If you’re stuck for ideas check it out!

4 Healthy Suhur Ideas.

If you fuel your body right, you will have the energy to workout, and do it well!


Water intake is also very important. Our alert levels and focus suffer significantly if we are dehydrated.

Lulu highly recommends drinking 1 litre of fluid in the morning, water plus some awesome hydration supplements from @malvern.nutrition and drinking 1.5 litres at night.

Whenever you’re not fasting, to make it easier to remember to keep your water intake up have a good size drink bottle next to you and sip on it as often as you can to stay hydrated.


Have your workout wardrobe ready and on-point! You want to be in the fighting shape to tackle your next workout. Prepare your outfit the night before.

If you’re heading out for an early morning run, pick your favourite colour of the Ambience Long-line hoodie and pair it up with Classic Block Leggings or Joggers.

If you’re planning an early morning or late night session at the gym then take out a Freedom Top and an Asena Performance Hijab and  put it right next to your packed gym bag.

If you’re planning to maintain the intensity of your usual training and opt out for HIIT then Alpha Top and Classic Block leggings will be the best option to go with.

Intention, preparation and commitment is everything! If you have all three and on top of that you implement Lulu’s tips, you will easily show up for your workouts during the month of Ramadan. 

“Ramadan Mubarak! May this be a blessed month to all” - Lulu

Thank you so much, Lulu, for taking the time to share your wisdom with us!

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