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Content Contributor - Ashelynne (IG: @ashelynne TikTok: @HijabiAshe)

Written by Veronika Edali

Are you a new runner or someone who is trying to revamp your running skills?

In this blog post Ashelynne, who is know as @ashelynne on Instagram and as @HijabiAshe on TikTok, will share with you her top tips to help you get started on your running journey. She is a revert to Islam, a certified nurse and an avid runner of 10 plus years - she has a lot of wisdom to share.

Without further ado let’s dive right in!

Buy Running Shoes

As straightforward as it seems a lot of the time we get this vital step wrong. Owning proper running shoes is an absolute must. The reality is that some shoes are labeled as running shoes, but they are not even designed for running.

If you don’t choose your running shoes carefully you might end up with knee, ankle and back injuries as running involves a lot of muscle groups.

Ashelynne’s number one advice would be to go to specialised stores rather than shopping online. While you’re in the store trying on the shoes, put shoe A on one foot and shoe B on the other foot and take them both for a spin around the store. Walk, jog, jump around the store to get good feel of both shoes and choose the one that’s the most comfortable. Repeat the process until you find the one!

You can consider looking into brands like Asics, New Balance, Brooks, Hoka and Saucony, but don’t lock yourself into a specific brand focus on what feels right on your feet.

Invest in a Fitness Watch or an App to track your Running


Ashelynne prefers to track her runs with the Garmin Watch. The watch comes with a training plan that has been great for her running consistency and tracking her progress. She is able to choose the program specific to her goals that challenges her and helps to advance her running skills.

You can also download an app like Strava to track your runs. It will tell you how fast or slow you are and record your runs. Just like a fitness watch it will help you improve your running skills by tracking your progress.

If you’re never been on a run before type in Google “Couch to 5 km”. It’s a free training program that will get you up from the couch and get you running 5 km by the end of it. 

Remember, it’s ok to walk a lot at the beginning and slowly build up your ability to run. It takes time!

Food and Hydration

If you want your body to keep up with your ambitious running goals you have nourish and hydrate it.

The longer you run the more calories you burn, for example, every 10 mins you run, you’re burning 100 calories on average.

In order to sustain your running regime you have to add enough calories to your diet to fuel your body. Give your body what it needs. If you’re constantly in a calorie deficit you will not be able to sustain your runs.

Food is FUEL! Make it your priority to eat a balanced diet in order to have enough energy to keep exercising.

Don’t forget to drink a LOT OF WATER. Running is a cardio exercise therefore sweating is inevitable. Whenever you break a sweat you lose a lot of water and salt that you need to replenish afterwards. Ashelynne recommends drinking about 2-3 litres of water a day and about half a litre minimum after a run. You can even introduce electrolyte drinks to help with getting some minerals into your body after each run.

Everybody is different. You can determine how hydrated you are by examining the urine and measuring the heart rate after your runs. If the urine is dark and you can feel your heart rate is high, you should drink more water. If the urine is clear and the heart rate is normal, you are well-hydrated. You can check your heart rate by putting your fingers on the wrist and counting for a minute or simply check your fitness watch.

If you take care of your body, your running skills will show for it.

Don’t be intimidated

Remember that you don’t have to run one certain way to be considered a runner. You can be slow or fast, sprint or run long-distance - whatever you choose for yourself keep showing up!

Ashelynne says: “Just know you look awesome! You’re inspiring other people by showing up for your runs!”

Done is better than perfect!

Ashelynne ran cross-country in high school. Came in last, but she didn’t care. She was happy and proud that she finished! That's the attitude well all need to adopt!

Ashelynne says: “I’m so slow and I call myself a runner” 

Never forget you don’t have be the best to love running!

Now it’s time to choose your favourite running outfit, Ashelynne prefers to run the Freedom Top, and get out there!

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